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I wrote these very quickly just to give everyone a heads up. I moved the closing notice below the reopening notices for historical purposes.

Closure never authorized


Says Intimidated:

Hey, it wasn't me that made the . . . closure notice. I didn't authorise that.

The closure notice was posted by an employee of the current host. I had just assumed (apparently incorrectly) it was approved by all of the top administrators.

Initial notice about staying open

2005-05-30 is not closing:


Intimidated has plans for ShareLive. Good plans. Stay tuned, we're here to stay.

I posted earlier that I thought SL would re-open, but I didn't expect news of it this soon. (I CALLED IT!)

Details on the hosting are top secret.

I'm guessing there will be some downtime for the transition period, so check this page if you can't seem to get any info on the mothersite.

There almost definetely won't be any forums about this on the OpenSL space, and I don't know what happened with the FileBlitz-hosted forums (which were never made public) at this time. I'm guessing they took them down upon news of the site staying opened.

There's a new forum called Sharelive ZONE; I have no clue what that's all about.

OpenSL will remain alive, just as planned. The only difference is that hopefully our code will be used on the main site relatively soon.

As before, if for some reason the main site becomes inaccessible, check here for updates (and if you know something that I don't, e-mail me and I'll post it here).


2005-05-26 is closing indefinetely:

Its a SAD day in the neighborhood! - Shutdown Notice.

Due to the lack of funds to keep the servers running we are faced with a dilemma. Rather than beg and plead for money from the community we have decided to shutdown ShareLive until further notice. We apologize for this but we see no other option. ShareLive will shutdown on June 4th 2005. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. Server Administration & Administration Team

Thanks to the free hosting from, the open source project associated with ShareLive is remaining perfectly operational (in fact, more so than before now that the DB structure is public).

In the coming month I will be making it easy for you to run your very own web site based on the very same code that ran the soon-to-be-late If ANYONE successfully manages to open a public site running this code (either before or after that point), please e-mail me, and I will probably list you here.

As far as the possible re-opening of the mainsite goes, I will most certianly post any public information on that here. It sure would be nice to see that. We've closed multiple times before in my time at ShareLive and there is no indication to me that we can't pull it off again. If you are interested in giving us money or hosting it, I guess you have to talk with Intimidated.

One of the goals of OpenSL is to optomise the code so that we don't need such a powerful server to host it.

Don't worry, the database itself is safe, but don't ask me for it. All I'm allowed to release is the database structure.

More information and public forums will follow within a week, and if any of the administrators want to say something, I'll post that here too.

-ctenet ( moderator, OpenSL project administrator) on 2005-05-26


In the news

P2P Core

Written By: Scythe, P2PCore. 05/26/05

It's a sad day as another well known BitTorrent/Edonkey site is shutting down. Come June 4th, 2005, ShareLive will close its doors once again.

Since the beginning, this site has undergone multiple transformations (Redesigns, server moves, etc.). Aside from that, it's received numerous shut down requests, and has been threatened with legal action as well on more then one occasion.

However, unlike many of the site closure's happening, ShareLive is shutting down due to the lack of funding. The off-shore server has cost the site owner lots of money, and instead of begging and pleading to users for more funds, they decided that it was time to finally give up the server and take a break. Out of everything, it came at a terrible time. As multiple other BT sites have been taken offline due to the MPAA and ICE, the numbers of sites are getting less and less.

This isn.t the first time the site has gone offline though. It.s been brought back multiple times on different servers, and with new management. So who knows if this is really the last we'll hear of ShareLive. What we do know is that it won.t be back online for awhile (or if it is online, it'll be in the form of the opensource project).

. . .



Site is NOT closing Posted by Matt865 on 30 May 2005 13:13 GMT [Delete] It has now been announced that site will infact be staying very much alive. Check the forums for more info:

Site is closing Posted by ctenet on 26 May 2005 23:04 GMT [Delete] On June 4th due to lack of funds. We do not know at this time whether or not will remain accessible. Refugees are asked to regroup at There will be no file sharing of any kind tolerated there; however, it will be a place to announce news on the status of ShareLive. That's in addition to its current role of running the OpenSL project.

Temporary (2005-05-26) refugee page by Chris Engel (ctenet/chris52389)

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