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Originally written 20050423

Keep in mind that this is very untested/developmental code. I haven't even tried to run it. This is mostly just a reminder to us, I guess.

Note that you can now download fairly recent snapshot tarballs. (instead of steps 1-8) Please note that these may be buggier than the latest code in CVS (so don't file a bug report until you've tried the latest CVS code), which you can get by doing steps 1-8.

  1. cd path/to/place/you/want/to/install
  2. cvs export -Dtomorrow F3
  3. mv F3/* .
  4. mv sharelive/* .
  5. rm -r F3 sharelive
  6. cd backend
  7. ln -s . backend
  8. cd ..
  9. vim Connections/Default.php
  10. (of course you may substitute with your favorite editor)-set the blank values to the correct ones for your MySQL server
  11. OK. Now you need to get the DB structure and put it on your MySQL server.
  12. You may need to initialize the DB with some rows/records.
  13. If I have foreseen all potential problems, you should have something that does something, at least. One of my goals is to get it runnable anyplace.

HOWTO: Contribute


If you know some PHP and want to improve/fix/whatever code, you can help us out by submitting a patch. here's how (does not assume CVS knowledge):

  1. cvs checkout F3
  2. cd F3
  3. Now you can edit the code just as you would any other code (leave the directories named CVS alone unless you know what you are doing)
  4. If you spend alot of time (more than 5 hours) doing this, you should probably run "cvs update -dP" periodically.
  5. When you are done, run "cvs diff -u > ../patch_file"
  6. Goto our patch place, and Submit New, attaching the aformentioned patch_file.
  7. Someone will look it over and possibly commit it to CVS for all to enjoy.

Last modified: 2005-06-05
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