Open ShareLive
Unleashing the power of F/OSS on ShareLive.

Open ShareLive is a subproject of ShareLive; more information on ShareLive itself is available on that website.

We decided to publically release and develop the code that powers the main part of the site, in order to harness community programming resources and to ensure that the ShareLive code stays alive, even if the worst happens to the rest of ShareLive.

Currently, the code is not very usable, but that should change over Summer 2005.


Developer list

This site is by chris52389/ctenet.

Outside code

In addition to the vast amount of code that OSL requires to run (most notably an operating system, a web server, MySQL, and PHP), it is believed by me that OpenShareLive contains code from an unknown LGPLed source. It is perfectly legal to use this, but I would like to give credit. If anyone can point me in the right direction, let me know.

Original Code

Here is a list of developers from the pre-OSL days.

Then there is Intimidated and Stealthspy, but both of them are still on the OSL team.


It is likely that there are people missing from this page or misatributed work. Feel free to correct me.

At least with CVS it is simple to tell who did what.

Last modified: 2005-09-18
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